Zlatan Ibrahimovic Tries No Look Shot…

Star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic is known for many things. His cocky attitude, his physical aggressiveness, but most of all, his ability to make ridiculous shots. The Paris Saint-Germain forward is very creative with the shots that he takes. But sometimes these shots don’t always work out the way that he intended. Luck was not with “Ibra” during this shot when he tried a classic no look.

It was the type of opportunity all strikers look for. Mano a mano. One on one. Just the striker and the goalie. Zlatan has so many options with what he can do because, frankly, he has all the time in the world. Not a defender in sight. Now the cocky striker decides to be bold and go for the no look shot. The “I don’t even need to acknowledge your presence” shot. The ultimate disrespect.

Well it didn’t work out too well for him…

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Fails With A No-Look Shot vs… by wifutty

Now it’s very easy to take a shot like this and laugh because normally it’s a shot that should be made. But let me remind you, PSG won this game 4-0. And Zlatan wasn’t exactly in a make or break moment.

Plus, Ibra has made some ridiculous shots in his career, so he’s earned a few mess ups.



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