Wreqt’s Top 5 Fight Scenes


There are hundreds of movies that have amazing and captivating fight scenes. One of the most difficult things to do in the world is to narrow that list down to five. But we have done it. We have created the indisputable top five list of amazing fight scenes. Or at least the five that we like the most…

#5 Pineapple Express

We’re starting our list off with a strong contender. Seth Rogan and James Franco create a dynamic duo that you don’t usually see in fight scenes. Also the use of a huge bong as a weapon brings in that “it” factor that not many other movies have.

#4 Bourne Identity

When we first started this list, this scene was at the forefront of our minds. It’s got all of the ingredients needed for a kick-ass brawl. Swinging through a window with machine guns firing; check. Bone breaking fist fights; check. Improvised weapons used to stab the bad guy; check.

#3 Ip Man

Undoubtedly one of the all time best fighting movies of all time. This fight scene is especially good because through out the whole movie, Ip Man, fights defensively. Only striking opponents to stop their attacks. But in this fight he deals blows with excessive force against the Japanese fighters that have just killed his friend. This scene gives just a sample of how amazing the Ip Man movies really are.

#2 Marco Polo

This Netflix series is full of great plot lines along with amazing fight scenes through out. Hundred Eyes, a blind monk, interrupts this fight between Jia Sidao and Red Lotus Chief. Jia Sidao manages to escape. We chose this clip so that we don’t spoil the part of the series where Hundred Eyes kills Jia Sidao. Oops…

#1 Kill Zone SPL

Another fight scene from Dannie Yen (Ip Man) in this almost unheard of movie Kill Zone SPL. What makes this fight scene special is that it these two choreographed and performed it all in one night. When most scenes take days and even weeks to get perfect. Also, these two trained together almost their whole lives so they were very familiar with each others’ fighting styles. The fight started from the two trying to see who could land the most hits on their opponent. Dannie Yen reportedly broke three of his batons over his opponents back while filming.


There you have it. The undisputed top five fight scenes of all time.



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