Witcher 3 – Epic Journey of Geralt Comes to an End

CD Projekt, a relatively unknown game developing house from Poland, took the gaming world by storm upon the release of their seminal offering ‘The Witcher’. Although I had my reservation about the moniker of the game (after all the protagonist is a male! They could’ve named it something more masculine sounding), but the overall package made a fan out of me. The ending of Witcher 2, Assassin of Kings left me on a cliff hanger looking forward to the final chapter in Geralt’s journey. So after a long wait Witcher 3: Wild Hunt finally came out and it is everything I had expected and more.
It wouldn’t be farfetched to claim that Witcher 3 was the best, most epic, brilliantly detailed fantasy RPG of 2015. In fact, I will go ahead and claim that it has set a benchmark which other RPG’s now must contend with. For starters the open world of Witcher 3 is expansive filled with story missions and monsters to slay and a ton of side quests. These elements combined can get a bit overwhelming but the developers craftily dictate the pace, giving players ample time to gain familiarity with integral aspects of the game such as combat, research and crafting.
Saying the graphics of Witcher 3 are surreal would be understatement. Geralt’s journey to find out the fate of Yennifer, the women he loved is filled with breathtaking visuals. The surrounding vegetation, atmospheric lighting even the fog would effortlessly transport players into the fantastical realm of Geralt. The textures, facial animation are unmatched by any RPG till date.
Suffice to say, CD Projekt culminated the journey of Geralt with a BANG which will continue to reverberate in the hallowed halls of legendary games for quite some time.



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