TSA Pays $1.4 Million for Stupidly Simple App

Airport security has always been a slippery slope in regards to racial profiling. There have been many cases in which the TSA has been accused of picking out people that appear to belong to a certain race or religion for their random checks.

To combat this, TSA has paid a measly $1.4 million for IBM to develop an app. This app is created to randomly decide which way a person would go in line. Right or left. That’s all the app does… It randomly chooses a direction for an arrow to point.

Now you may be thinking, why such a steep price for an app that’s so easy to create. When learning how to write code, students create an app that could give an output of a random number. It’s especially easy because most coding languages have functions built in to display a random integer.

It’s ridiculous that the TSA would pay that much for something that I could make in one hour. I wish I had been the one to create the app for them… I’d even do it for half that. I think that’s a terrible waste of money. Honestly, you could just have someone stand there blindfolded and do the same job.

There are rumors that IBM’s deal included the price of a high number of iPads and the training to go with it. Although the training is minimal at best.

Many people believe that the app cost so much because the TSA has money to spend and IBM has a big enough name to demand it. Either way, it’s a good way to combat the accusations of racial profiling.



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