Our Thoughts on Dying Light

Dying Light is developed by a Polish company named, Techland and is published by Warner Bros interactive entertainment. Though, it was announced 3 years back, but was released last year in January. It is accessible on multiple platforms including Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Linux.

Game Description

Dying light puts you in the shoes of an undercover operative whose job is to stop the Zombie Apocalypse by destroying every living-dead creature that comes in his way. The game is set in an open world environment where you can freely roam around, jumping from one house to another and exploring the infected city of Harran.


The main idea behind the game is to survive in the city of Harran by searching for supplies and killing the zombies. As a player, you usually carry out melee attacks and there are more than 100 melee weapons available. You can also craft weapons; however, they have to be constructed by searching for specific parts, whereas the guns are usually seen after you have already finished half of the campaign.

If I have to compare Dying Light and Left 4 Dead, I would say that both the games are completely different in terms of combat. In Dying Light, the zombies are pretty clumsy and it’s easy to even dodge them. The gameplay gets interesting as you progress; you can gain particular skills to literally slice up the zombies or blow their head off using a sniper rifle.


I played Dying Light for two hours straight and didn’t get bored with it, as the storyline, effects and visuals are so engaging that you just can’t stop playing it. The best part is that if you had enough playing the campaign, you can join the multiplayer mode with your friends and have fun tearing those zombies apart. I would definitely suggest you to try Dying Light today.








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