Our Review of Street Fighter V

Capcom made an addition to the Street Fighter game series on February 16, 2016 when the company released Street Fighter V on PC and PlayStation 4.
Street Fighter V follows the main story line that connects the previous two prequels, Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV. Play the ‘Story Mode’ with each character and at the end it will connect with the story line of the game.
Staying true to the Street Fighter legacy, Street Fighter V features 16 characters in the start, however new players are added as you progress in the game. New players can be bought too through the ‘Zenny’ money system or the ‘fight money’, which is earned after each fight. New characters include Necalli, Rashid, Laura Matsuda and F.A.N.G.
The game starts with a tutorial, instantly after which the main menu appears. Surprisingly, there is no traditional ‘Arcade mode’ where you can keep fighting the opponent in one on one matches. Besides story mode, the other two modes are ‘Versus’ and Survival’.
The fighting mechanics has been greatly changed and improvised too. For example, the focus attack is no more, which means you cannot absorb enemy’s attack before hitting a counter attack. A new V gauge has been added which increases as the player takes damage, and it can be unleashed at the right time. Each player has a unique power up ability triggered through the V meter.
Street Fighter V features a great cast and renders a pretty engaging fighting experience. The graphics and visuals are incredible too, but one can’t ignore the fact that it lacks the most important ‘Arcade mode’. Who knows Capcom might add an ‘Arcade Mode ‘in the next update, till then, enjoy the story mode and increase your rank in the survival mode.



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