Pokemon Go – The Dangers of Catching Them All


With the craze of Pokemon Go creating a new genre of gaming, there are several dangers that have come with it. To start this article off. here;s a video of what happens when a guy who knows nothing about Pokemon encounters a not so friendly Pokemon Goer.

In honor of Pokemon Go’s success we’ve made a list of things that can and probably will happen to you while playing this popular game. It is worth noting that several of these things have really happened.

  1. You run into several different objects that any normal person would avoid.
  2. You annoy your employer to the point that he has to make flyers to distribute around the office.
  3. You refuse to stop playing Pokemon Go at work and end up losing your job.
  4. You embrace your unemployment and devote your whole self to being the very best.
  5. While crossing a street you hear distant honks and shouting and choose to ignore it.
  6. You end up getting run over by a car on the highway in search of the elusive Pikachu. (This really happened)
  7. You get lost in pursuit of greatness and have to use your GPS to find your way home.
  8. You end up in a shady part of town.
  9. Some not so kind gentlemen relieve you of your money in the shady part of town.
  10. Trespassing is an every day occurrence.
  11. You get stabbed in the shoulder and refuse treatment because it will only slow you down. (This also happened)
  12. Your friends hate you for stealing that Dragonite from under their noses.
  13. You use a Roomba to hatch eggs.
  14. You fall off a 90-foot cliff into the ocean (Don’t worry, he’s fine)
  15. You stay up till 5 a.m. to catch the same Pokemon you caught 12 hours earlier.
  16. You think the rest of the world cares that you found a Pokemon on your foot and post a picture on Twitter.
  17. You are disgusted that the picture didn’t get thousands of retweets.
  18. You accidentally over throw but the Pokemon jumped right into.
  19. You play it off like you knew it was going to happen.
  20. You’ve run a few red lights and stop signs.
  21. You’ve gotten one or two speeding tickets on your way to a lure.
  22. You may have driven into a house that jumped in your way. (Yes, this happened too)
  23. You check for Pokemon every time you go into a room.
  24. Your legs are constantly sore from constant walking/running.
  25. You turn into a geeky gangster when another player infringes on your turf.
  26. The old and boring judge you for staying young and hip.
  27. You get bit by a venomous snake. And not Ekans.
  28. You hate that they named a Pokemon Ekans.
  29. It’s literally the least creative name for a Pokemon.
  30. Ekans. Snake spelled backwards…