Newest Battlefield Set in World War One

Well we were right. The newest Battlefield will officially be set in World War One. You can read our first post about it here. This will almost completely change the feel of the game. Judging from the trailer below, Battlefield 1 will rely more on melee attacks. In the trailer alone there are several different handheld weapons available.

We’re more than excited to get our hands on this game. The types of weapons available will force players to completely change up their play style. Run and gunners will have to settle for guns with slower rates of fire. Campers will have to worry about flamethrowers. And the thing that I am most excited for is the trench warfare. Either run through the trenches and fight in close quarters, or take your chances in the open field with no cover.

Another addition will be the ability to fly planes and have a classic dogfight. If the mechanics of flying these planes are anything like they have been in the past, consider me the Red Baron.

The release date is expected to be in October of this year.



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