The New Koenigsegg Regera

The new Regera is bringing in the latest and greatest hyper car technology to create an unbelievably fast car. Resulting in a monster that can go from 0 to 250 in 20 seconds. It takes some vans 20 seconds to get up to highway speeds.

This car is breaking barriers by combing electric engines with internal combustion engines. They’re not the first to do this, but they did catch on quick to the new trend. Koenigsegg started out as a small Swedish company that no one had ever heard of. Now they’re attempting to beat the greatest car makers out there.

The Regera is definitely a special car and Koenigsegg knows that. That’s why they’re only producing 80 of them. And chances are, the waiting list filled up as soon as they even thought of making the car.

When a car maker decides to make a very low number of the models they do this for two reasons; in most cases. When the Ferrari F40 came out, they did this to keep the car rare and valuable. Also, if you owned this car, you didn’t really own it. You asked Ferrari for permission to drive your car. They would then send a team out and let you drive it then take it back.

Another reason is to save money. Like with the Lexus LFA. Even though the price may be ridiculously high, Lexus still loses money on every LFA that is sold. So when a car company keeps the number available low, they may be doing that to keep from losing too much money. Whether you believe it or not, there are plenty of people with enough money to buy this car. If enough people bought it, that could put a huge dent in their finances.

All in all, the Regera promises to be a car to watch out for. It’s one that has potential to set a standard for how other supercars will be in the future.



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