Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars

One game that I have played for literally years is Mount & Blade. More specifically, Mount & Blade Warband. It’s an amazing game unlike anything else I’ve ever played. It’s a first person or third person fighter, but the twist is that you can recruit and control additional troops in the single player mode as well as some game modes in multiplayer. I hardly ever play single player games because I like the unpredictability of multiplayer, but I have logged several hours and different characters in the single player mode. The only other game I’ve spent more time in single player is Fallout 4. Check out what I think of it here.

The multiplayer of M&B is a completely different story. Playing in a server of 200 people with minimal to no lag makes for an unbelievable gaming experience. This brings me to the mod of Warband, the Napoleonic Wars. You trade in your bow and arrow for a musket with a bayonet. Although the graphics are nothing spectacular, the rest of the game is impressively realistic. My favorite server is what’s called an RP server. You start out, line up and follow your designated general into battle. You fight bravely and most likely die, then wait for the next round. I enjoy games with a lot of tactics and strategy. Especially ones where you can work together with big groups of people.

Check out this video of a line battle. The narrator is a bit annoying at times but he’s just having a good time.

Mount & Blade Napoleonic Wars Line Battle

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