Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain- Kojima’s parting gift to Konami

Whenever, I hear the name Metal Gear Solid or in game lingo MSG my mind automatically conjures up the image of Hollywood actor Kurt Russell from his Escape to New York role. The man responsible for giving gamers this legendary character, Hideo Kojima has recently bid farewell to longtime (two decades) associates and publishing house Konami. This is one reason why Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will forever be etched in memories of fans worldwide. Other reason is its pure and simple awesomeness.


There are people (haters I’d say) who would term the story of MSG V extremely convoluted and inconclusive. A diehard fan of the series like me would say it has left us wanting more. The open world action adventure stealth game is a powerhouse, an amalgamation of cinematic and emergent gameplay. From stealthily infiltrating an enemy base in the rugged regions of Afghanistan to controlling NPC animal sidekicks, the game is a thrill filled dream of an adrenaline junkie come true.


One of the most admirable aspects of the game is incredible graphics. The fluidity of traversing the mountainous terrain on horseback (or on foot if you feel like dragging the experience on) is simply splendid. As far as the gameplay is concerned, initially, there’s little handholding before plunging the players in the proverbial deep end of the pool. After that, it’s pretty much a players’ ballgame. The game allows you freedom of how to tackle things going as far as to choose between day and night to complete missions. Apart from the central premise unfolding, there’s a plethora of mercenary contracts to indulge in. These contracts (read side quests) are sponsored by different stakeholders in Afghanistan and would have players weakening the hold of Russians to making off with valuable blueprints.


Metal Gear Solid V is by far the most impressive feat of ideas, game mechanics and the old Kojima storytelling coming together to form a marvelous and not to be missed game. Undoubtedly, the most superior game of the series!



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