League of Legends: Five Champions Who Are Absolute Game Changers


With over half the year gone by it's pretty safe to assume who the top 5 champions of League of Legends are. These 5 champions have the ability to change the game completely. It's no surprise that these champions have abilities that can move or stun enemies during team fights.

#5 - Malzahar


As much as it pains me to put Malzahar on the list, he can definitely make a huge impact on the game. If Malzahar can make his way to one of the carries with his ult, it's game over. A champion that can literally stun you until you're dead is annoying, yes; but can make or break a game.

#4 - Volibear


One of my all time favorites; Volibear. Early game Volibear is one of the best. He can bully a lane and get ahead so easily. If you get ahead with Voli you can steamroll your way through the whole game. Volibear does not need any damage items so it's best to stack health. Use his passive aggressively and out heal and attacks the enemy can throw at you.

#3 - Thresh


It's no surprise that Thresh is on this list. Every single ability he has moves, slows or stuns. Thresh can create amazing plays like no other champion can. The hook lantern combo can turn a simple team fight into a landslide of kills for your team. The best way to win games is to make great plays. The best way to make great plays is to play Thresh.


#2 - Wukong


Wukong, the deceitful monkey. A player that can use his decoy and ult well is nearly unstoppable. The best way to win team fights with Wukong is to wait for the enemy team to press what they think is a 4v5 advantage, then sneak in and ult their team. The knock up and the damage alone is enough to kill a carry or two. Pair that with the rest of your team going ham, and the game is yours.

#1 - Leona


Of all the OP champions that do ridiculous damage or can sustain any amount of torture you can throw at them, Leona takes the cake for best champion of 2016. Without a doubt, Leona wins games. She is banned most of the time. She can tank a lot of damage and dishes out a fair amount as well. But the thing that makes her the best champion of 2016 is her ability to literally control the enemy. In lane she is unstoppable. When she lands her stuns, all the carry has to do is point and shoot. At level 6, her two stuns last long enough to kill almost any champion. Even the ridiculously tanky Volibear.

The equation is simple. Multiple stuns + Team damage = Victories.

That's our list for the top 5 champions of 2016. Let us know some of your favorites!