The Internet’s Most Lovable Troll “Ken M” Speaks a Bit About His Craft

Say hello to Ken McCarthy;

Otherwise known as Ken M. on many popular social media sites and internet forums. He’s the subject of a dedicated subreddit with more than 150,000 fans, and also has a large following on Facebook and Twitter. With all of this attention he must be doing something right, but most wouldn’t believe it was for leaving simple comments on some of the worlds’ most used answer sites. Even with a sea comments to wade through, his input seems to be comical enough to create a incredible number of devoted fans.

Ken is not a troll in the way most would associate with today’s verbage. He does entice other users with comments that may not entirely portray his current state in life, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t creative and oddly stimulating. Plus, we can’t prove that he’s not helping people with his ability to bring comic relief, which also seamlessly avoids harmful, unproductive commentary. His act is like a new form of improv comedy, which has presented itself on an unexpected global stage.

In order for Ken to keep things fresh and to maximize his comical range, his identity transforms from site to site, but the result is always the same; Comedy Gold. If you are ever searching for answers to mundane questions on the internet, make sure to look for Ken M… and then be sure to keep looking because he most likely gave you some less than accurate information.

Check out the video above for some insight on Ken’s life and craft.



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