Great Britain Exits EU

Palace of Westminster, Big Ben clock tower and Westminster Bridge in London
Palace of Westminster, Big Ben clock tower and Westminster Bridge in London

After months of debates and polls Great Britain voted on the referendum that would effectively cut their ties with the European Union. As of June 25, Great Britain is no longer apart of the EU. This controversial decision has many pros and cons and will definitely shake up the future of not only Britain but countries throughout the world.

Thousands of people were opposed to the Brexit because of the benefits that being apart of the EU comes with. Perhaps one of the biggest pros is that trading between members of the EU is made so simple. There are no tariffs on imports or exports between them. This not only makes it easier for countries to trade but it keeps costs down for normal consumers.

Although trading may be easier among the members, it causes problems when they trade with other countries that are not in the European Union. The EU is a sort of all in this together when one country decides they don’t want to trade with another for whatever reason. So if France didn’t like Vietnam, the rest of the EU can’t trade with them either.

Another key positive in the exit from the Union is that Britain would have more secure borders. These are crazy times we live in where we have to worry about immigrants potentially being terrorists. With such worries, border security is on the forefront of everyone’s mind. Not every country can build a giant wall to hide behind.

Congratulations Great Britain on gaining your independence. Many have tried, but all have failed until today. Now Britain finally knows what it feels like to be free from tyranny.



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