Grand Tour Proves Successful with Record-Breaking Debut

After what seems like the longest wait a fan group can go through, The Grand Tour finally premiered on Amazon. As expected, The Grand Tour was an instant hit right from the beginning. So much of a hit that it broke records on it's first episode. It broke the record for Amazon's most watched premier, which was previously held by The Man in the High Castle. But this isn't the only record that the new show broke. Amazon also had it's record Amazon Prime subscriptions on that day when they lowered the price from $99 to $79.

Not only was the number of viewers astounding, but the cost was just as astronomical. According to CBS, it cost Amazon around $160 million just to acquire the show. But that's not the most ridiculous part. After all, paying $160 million for the ex hosts of the most watched TV show in the world seems like a steal. The most ridiculous number is how much the opening scene cost.

Now really take this in for a moment. The first five minutes of the first episode which is 71 minutes long. That is a whopping 7% of the entire episode. This 7% cost a humble $3.2 million to make. Which seems like a lot. But this price did include three of the best presenters in the world driving three amazing cars, 15o vehicles, over 2,000 motoring enthusiasts, stilt walkers, 6 jet planes, and an amazing live concert by Hothouse Flowers. Again, seems like a great deal to me. And I'm the one writing this article so I decide what is true or false.

The Grand Tour is about to stream it's third episode and fans like me could not be more excited about what the future holds. Even if the haters at Netflix and BBC aren't.