How Frankenstein’s Monster Brought the Community Together


Frankenstein’s monster gets a bad rep. Sure he may have been horribly hideous with a disfigured body. Sure he was eight foot tall with terrible personal skills. But there is one thing that he did that he has never gotten credit for. Until today.

An important fact to remember is that during this time period the most popular events were public executions. It was like our equivalent of dinner and a movie. Drink grog and watch the thief from down the street hang by the noose. Everybody stands around for a bit, watches someone die, and then they all go home. There was no sense of community. No friendly neighbors. These were very dark days indeed.

All of this changed when a young man named Victor Frankenstein decided to conduct a harmless science experiment in his home. Let’s think about this for a moment. There was such a ridiculous lack of community that Frankenstein felt the need to raise a man from the dead to be his friend, instead of talking to Jerry down the street. And so the experiment began. Frankenstein did some grave digging and found a suitable corpse to be his friend. After weeks of work, on one stormy night, Frankenstein’s monster was born.

Naturally when someone plays God in your backyard, the citizens were a bit upset. They were also upset that this monster was essentially a lethal weapon. So Jerry got Bill. Bill got John. John got everyone else and they decided to form an angry mob. For the first time these people had a common cause to stand behind. They weren’t going to sit back and let the executioner handle this one. They got their torches and pitchforks and banded together.

Now an important thing to remember is that these village people were not the only ones who weren’t big fans of Frankenstein’s monster. Even the monster couldn’t stand the sight of himself in a mirror. Because of this, he sought revenge on the man who created him. In hind sight, if you’re trying to improve your public image, don’t kill the guy who created you.

Despite all of his faults and shortcomings, the monster did bring his community together. And isn’t that what we wall really want in life? A sense of community. Relationships with people. For all we know two villagers could have fallen in love on that fated night. Two people that  wouldn’t have ever met otherwise.

Here’s to you Frankenstein’s Monster. The true hero.




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