Five of the Strangest Mysteries of the Internet Age


There is no question that the web has many amazing things to offer. The Internet offers us all the information we desire at our fingertips, an endless amount of entertainment, and correspondence with people has never been easier.

However with all these wonderful uses, there are also some strange ones. The internet is certainly not all sunshine and rainbows, and this list aims to emphasize that fact. Even though some of us might consider ourselves pros when it comes to utilizing the internet, this is rarely the case. Despite all the information the internet shows us, it hides much more than you think. This list aims to examine the creepy side of the internet, with a look at some of the deep and mysteries places hidden inside. Not only this, but we will take a look at some utterly puzzling websites that have come to the forefront in recent years; it will eventually become clear that despite people’s ideal attempts to solve these puzzling sites, they remain as perplexing as ever.

5. Ong's Hat


The story of Ong's Hat is one of the earliest to dawn the internet. The myth goes that deep in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, there existed a group of hackers, scientists, and mystics who experimented with several controversial scientific fields, with the goal of achieving inter-dimensional travel.

Known by several names; The Moorish Orthodox Church of America, The Moorish Science Temple, or The Institute of Chaos Studies, the group behind the story of Ong's Hat are likely to be the only true aspect within the myth. This group and others like it, conduct experiments and research within the fields of quantum mechanics, chaos mathematics, fractal geometry, sensory deprivation, Research on Psychedelic drugs, visual programming, as well as some fields believed to be founded be formally founded by the group such as Quantum Tantra.

The myth states that through the use of these sciences, as well as the creation of a device known as the egg, the first breakthrough in inter dimensional travel was achieved deep in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey in the ghost town of Ong's Hat. It is also believed that after this occurrence, thousands of people have since left our universe to permanently settle in a parallel universe known as Earth2.

While insiders claim that the New Jersey Pine Barrens were never truly a site of experimentation for the travel cults, they do claim that the device known as the Egg and the existence of inter-dimensional travel are, indeed, real. Most believe this myth to be untrue, but after researching this urban legend, it is easily the hardest to find information on. However, there is more to this group than is publicly disclosed. It feels like this one should be dug up for another look.

4. Ghost Net Intelligence Network










Envision stumbling across an digital spy ring of untold proportions. Thousands of computer systems are affected in 103 seperate countries. Data is being harvested and delivered back to a shadowy organization. it is unknown who is behind it or what their goal is. Spooky, right? Well, it really happened. In 2009, a group of Toronto University researchers were asked to check security on the Dali Lama’s private network. What they discovered was larger and creepier than any had presumed.

Known as GhostNet, the mysterious online network was terrifying. It could activate cameras and microphones on affected computer systems, recording everyone in the room. Data files could be explored remotely, and programs installed without the user’s knowledge. The most bizarre aspect is that we still have no clue who was behind it.

Because the Dali Lama was a target, many assume China was behind GhostNet – an assumption borne out by its substantial presence on Chinese computers. But virtually no evidence has ever been found. Others think it might have been the Chinese mafia, or other individuals entirely. Now that a half-dozen whole years have went by since the finding, it’s likely we’ll never crack that internet mystery that is GhostNet.

3. The Creator of Bitcoin










As the sole crypto-currency to gain notoriety on a global stage, Bitcoin is one of our most interesting anomalies. The digital currency launched back in 2008, and what started as a vague concept grew to something of real value. The original one million bitcoins are today valued at over $250m and online businesses accept them in lieu of money. Yet we have no clue of the creator’s identity.

The only publicly known evidence is a name and a location: Satoshi Nakamoto of Japan. Unfortunately, this information has a high probability of being false. When a Swiss coder researched all of Nakamoto’s message board posts across several discussion boards, he found the user never posted between the hours of 11pm and 5am Central Time; suggesting he was living in the Americas. Others believe he isn’t even of Japanese descent, and the username is a pseudo name to throw off potential investigators.

It also doesn’t help matters that Nakamoto has gone silent. Since Bitcoin took off in mid-2010, he hats discontinued his involvement in the community. No one has made contact with him in years. Some think this individual could be anything from a community of hackers to a secret government organization. The only thing worth speculating is that we won’t be finding the creator’s identity anytime soon. Bitcoin remains one of the most fascinating mysteries to of the digital world.

2. The 4 Chan Serial Killer










In August 2015, a web user anonymously posted to the discussion and file sharing website “4chan” claiming to be a serial killer. The user posted multiple disturbing images of women he had allegedly murdered, displaying pictures of before and after their deaths. The individual, who made many efforts to keep has identity hidden, urged 4chan users to guess the names of the victims in the photos, as a sort of game. If other users guessed correctly, he would lead them to one of the bodies he disposed of in the late 90’s.

One particularly horrifying display showed a battered and bloodied brunette woman, apparently dead and beside her, an image of the same young woman’s high school portrait. Several online vigilantes quickly identified the photos to be that of 17-year-old Shauna Maynard, who was found shot to death in Las Vegas in 1998. Her case has yet to be solved and to this day, remains a mystery.

The FBI began an investigation, but the /b/ killer hasn’t posted since he attracted so much notoriety. Regardless, he remains unidentified.

1. Cicada 3301










One of the internet’s most acclaimed mysteries is Cicada 3301.

Making its first appearance on the web in 2012, Cicada 3301 posted an image of a Cicada moth, with the inspirational caption, “Hello. We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them, we have devised a test. There is a message hidden in this image. Find it, and it will lead you on the road to finding us. We look forward to meeting the few that will make it all the way through. Good Luck.”

The groups “test” has turned out to be one of the most intricate and vast puzzles to ever hit the internet. This caused a substantial number of internet users around the world, to scramble to decode the message and find the clues behind the mysterious quest. Since then, a new clue has been posted every year, with the only exception being 2015.

The clues lead individuals not only on a cyber investigation, but also on a physical journey with clues scattered across the globe. The group requires knowledge of steganography and cryptography. There are also references to philosophical, socio-political, and literary texts, as well as several clues regarding numerology and the Mayan calendar. Naturally, there is much speculation on the identity of those behind the test, with many guessing the CIA or NSA recruitment. There is a theory that the group is actually a collection of anonymous developers planning to create a new cryptocurrency, assisting in the devaluation of the western economy. No group or organization has claimed responsibility for this test, and no one who has made it fully through the process has ever come forward, making this one of the most intriguing mysteries of the internet age.

We may never fully know the full story behind these internet myths. What are your thoughts on the credibility to some of the internet's most intriguing stories? Leave us a comment below if you have any information or opinions on the subject.