Why FIFA 16 Might Be The Worst Game Ever

If you’ve already our article Why FIFA 16 Might Be The Best Game Ever you might be a bit confused by the title of this article. Don’t get me wrong, FIFA 16 is one of the best games I have ever played. I’ve had it for months and haven’t played another game since I bought it. But there are some times when I absolutely hate this game for several reasons.

Barcelona and Real Madrid

Yes, I understand, these two teams are arguably the best clubs in the world. They have great players that work together in a way that is almost impossible to find. I also understand that these teams have a huge following. I understand all of these things and I don’t care. These two teams are the most played in FIFA because they are the best in the game. These teams are not astronomically better than PSG or Bayern in regards to stats. But when you consider what FIFA as a game lets them get away with, that’s what makes them better.

If I were to give every example I could think of that showed how FIFA lets these teams do impossible things it would take up all of the memory the internet has. It will not call fouls on them. They can run through eight people while being pushed and shoved, shoot the ball from 30 yards out and still make it.

I kid you not, my friend and I watched Real Madrid run the ball for ten yards out of bounds, come back in and run up and score and FIFA just let it happen. The advantage you get from playing these teams is just unheard of. And that’s why, if you play with these teams, I hate you. If you’re playing with a REAL team, you have to be much better than should even be required to beat these teams.

FIFA 16 has some sort of man crush on Messi and Ramos and will do anything possible to let them win.

The FIFA Gods

Somewhere deep in the code of FIFA 16 there is a script that created the FIFA gods. If the FIFA gods feel that you have not respected their authority enough they will not let you win. Once you play the game long enough you can tell when the game is just screwing you over. I know this sounds cliche but once you experience it, you’ll understand. Here’s a list of things that will happen when the FIFA gods are screwing you:

-You can have three wide open shots in a row and hit the post every time

-You can steal the ball and before you can do anything your character will literally give it right back

-You will be fouled ruthlessly and the ref will turn a blind eye

-The other team will start making shots from ridiculous distances

-Your goalie will forget how to goalie

These are just some examples of how the gods of the pitch will try to stop you at every turn. But you can defy the gods. You can overcome and defeat the heaps of crap that will FIFA throw at you.

Connection to EA Sports

Just when you think you’re going to beat that long set record of 39,000 in chance creation, you think “Am I connected to EA Sports?” No. You are probably not connected. If you’re doing well, there’s a good chance that FIFA has decided to lose connection so that your winning score will be lost in limbo never to be bragged about.

Even though there is a button to reconnect to EA Sports you can never really be sure if it will last. Most of the time it will tell you that you’ve reconnected successfully, only to deny you later on. It’s a sly trick that the FIFA gods play on you.

Just like there are many reasons why FIFA 16 is a great game, there are many reasons why it is terrible.



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