Why FIFA 16 Might Be The Best Game Ever

There are many great and amazing games out there. Some of which we’ve written about here. Fallout 4, GTA V, Battlefield 4… All of these are great games in their own categories and even great compared to all games. But EA has found something special here with FIFA 16.

Not only is soccer the most watched sport in the world, but almost every country in the world has several teams. It’s not like the NFL where the winners of the Super Bowl call themselves world champs when only American teams compete.

As I’ve played FIFA more and more I’ve started to learn more about why soccer is so popular. As someone who never really enjoyed soccer before I played FIFA 16 I can say that it has completely changed my opinion about the sport. I now have favorite teams, and players. I watch games on TV and have even placed a few bets. My opinion of soccer has made a complete 180 thanks to the game.

Just because the sport is popular doesn’t make the game great. EA Sports does a great job of bringing the soccer culture to life through FIFA 16. There are several ways that this game is made to be one of the greatest.

The Career

You start off as the manager of the team of your choice. For me that was Paris St. Germaine. You are given full reign of the roster, formations, contracts, and even play the games. The players send you emails when they’re happy or upset. Your bosses tell you what they expect from you as a manager.

I unfortunately didn’t meat these requirements and was fired after my first season. I then moved on to a team called Fiorentina. After two seasons I can say that I am a fan of the team. Before this I had no idea who they were but after playing with that team for so long I consider myself a fan. I know the players names and positions. I know the rivalries. Of course you can’t consider me to be a die hard fan but I am a fan nonetheless. This is all thanks to the way FIFA 16 brings soccer to life for the player.


There are two different ways I play online. I either play by myself against random people, or I play coop with my friend against random people. I am constantly trying to get better and competing to rise in the ranks. My friend and I play with PSG almost exclusively. They’re a good team, but not as good as Real Madrid or Barcelona. And I think that’s why we play with PSG; because it’s not predictable like those teams. (Side note: I hate you if you play with Real Madrid or Barcelona. Be original. Pick a team that’s not overpowered.)

We will stand by that team win or lose because we’ve developed a sort of connection with the team. Ibrahimovic is a monster. Kevin Trapp is in my opinion one of the best goalies in the game. We have these connections with the players.

Connections are what make games great. FIFA 16 creates connections like no other game I’ve ever played before.



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