Ex-Top Gear Trio to Launch New Site DriveTribe

Since the trio; Clarkson, May and Hammond, have left Top Gear they’ve been very busy with their new future. Some of the biggest news is that Amazon has announced they will be releasing a new show in the Fall of 2016 featuring the popular threesome. But in recent news these three have decided to dive into the world wide web with a new site called DriveTribe.

Richard Hammond compared the new site to Twitch and TripAdvisor. He said “Gamers have got Twitch, travellers have got TripAdvisor and fashion fans have got, oh, something or other too. But people who are into cars have got nowhere. There’s no grand-scale online motoring community where people can meet and share video, comments, information and opinion. DriveTribe will change that. And then some.”

From what I understand, it will be a site dedicated to those of us who have crankshafts and pistons where normal people have fragile, bleeding hearts. It will most likely feature everything from new car reviews to live streaming of races. It will literally be my idea of heaven in a website.

Right now the site is in a temporary state where it allows you to submit your email for news about the site. The site is said to go live in Fall of 2016 at around the same time the new show will be presented for the first time. DriveTribe was self funded by the trio with a rumored number well into the millions. If that’s the case we’re expected big things from the DriveTribe debut.



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