Blade and Soul – Long awaited MMO Finally Makes it to North America

Blade and Soul is a game which has been popular in the Asian market for a long time now. People in the North American hemisphere had to wait till January 2016 for this MMO to finally make an appearance. When you get your hands on a title that has been popular overseas, you can’t help but scrutinize its distinguishing aspects. On the onset, Blade and Soul appears to be your typical MMO with its standard ingredients. But as the old saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover” the further I got into the gameplay the more distinctive the game became.
First thing to hit me was that the game was devoid of the traditional grind that Asian MMOs are infamous for. Instead the focus is put on combat. There are four races and seven classes, the players can select from. Each class has a different playing style. The selection of race is fairly ordinary but the character creation part is where the game truly shows its colors and depth.
There’s a quick fire tutorial which explains the basics of unique combat system and after that a player is free to roam the expansive game world and crave out their own destiny. There’s a very engaging PvP part where players can test their metal against other players. There’s a faction level gameplay also, where a player can team up with other players and battle other factions.
Blade and Soul is a fun filled MMO with a 100% PvP (meaning not getting an edge by paying for stuff with high stats). There are a few ‘Lost in translation’ movements but those don’t mar the overall experience of this unique MMO.



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