Battlefield 5 Likely To Feature World War One Scenario

If we look at the whole Battlefield game franchise starting from the first part launched in 2002, Battlefield 1942 was based on World War 2, while the rest of the sequels, including the last Battlefield 4 featured modern warfare. Battlefield 5 may offer a twist.

Now the question remains what fighting ground will Battlefield 5 be using? According to a Swiss retailer World of Games, Battlefield 5 will feature World War One scenario as the listing described the game as “MehrspielerTaktik Shooter im 1. Weltkrieg”, which translates into “Multiplayer tactical shooter in WW1”. Surprisingly, the game description has been updated now and only mentions “MehrspielerTaktik Shooter” which means “Multiplayer Tactical Shooter”. It further reveals that the BF5 will be launched on October 26 2016.

However, we cannot consider this description 100% true, as the Electronic arts have not revealed any specific information regarding Battlefield 5 release date. Moreover, it is still unknown whether it will be a modern combat game or set in the World Wars. The only thing which the EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen stated two years back at the 2014 UBS Global Technology Conference was that the BF5 will be a ‘Military Style Shooter’ game with lots of new and improved features.

Another big question which arises is that whether the critics and the Battlefield fans will appreciate this sudden change in the gaming style from using heavy machine guns and SMGs to using bolt action rifles and old hand grenades.




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  1. I would be really interested to see that WWI scenario. I’ve always been a fan of DICE and the Battlefield series and was just thinking the other day how they are due for some changes to extend the lifespan of their games. This along with scenarios from various time periods would really add something fresh.

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