Amazon’s Plans for Drones

Ever since the drone craze has burst on to the scene people have been pushing the possibilities for their many uses. One of the first things people did was strap a camera to one and fly it around to get shots that used to be much more difficult to get. Drones have changed the way films are shot almost overnight. Amazon is looking in a different direction, however.

Amazon is constantly looking for ways to improve the way they serve customers. Recently the leased out several jets specifically for transporting their products to customers. They have done this to help cut out the middle man and lower shipping costs.

Another way they hope to improve their shopping experience is using drones to deliver orders directly to the customer’s doorstep. These automated drones would fly out from a local hub and deliver a package, return to the hub, and deliver another package. Because of the current designs of drones, only one package could be delivered at once.

But there may be a problem with using drones to deliver your Amazon orders. A small helicopter with a box isn’t exactly discreet. Someone could wait right under the drone and run off with your new TV. Also drones haven’t yet proved to be the most reliable form of package delivery. There have been several stories about drones going haywire and falling out of the sky or going straight into a tree.

Of course Amazon would do months of testing to make sure these machines operate at their company’s standards. The idea of drones roaming the sky with packages may be far off but it’s cool to think about the possibilities. Although drones are seen as more of a menace than a useful tool. People’s perceptions of drones will have to change if Amazon’s plan is going to be widely accepted.



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