5 Spoiler Free Facts About Game of Thrones That You Didn’t Know

The season six finale of The Game of Thrones is approaching and people cannot wait to find out the fate of some of the shows' favorite characters. Season 6 has answered a lot of questions;

"What happened to Benjen Stark" and "Where did the White Walkers come from?" but there are still many parts of the story that have left viewers guessing. The season six finale promises to be one of the most thrilling and dramatic episodes to date, so to tide you over we've put together a little list of spoiler-free facts about the Game of Thrones that you might not have known. Make sure to let us know your favorite in the comments below.

5. The horse's heart was a difficult meal to swallow.

Emelia Clarke is such a captivating actress..Even with horse heart on her chin...

You may remember back in season 1 when Daenerys  (played by Emilia Clarke) was made to eat the raw heart of a stallion during a special ceremony held for her upcoming motherhood.  The prop heart that Clarke had to eat weighed several pounds and was reportedly made mainly of gummy bears. The Game of Thrones actress, would later admit in a commentary that the prop heart had an overwhelming bleach flavor that made the task about as difficult as eating an actual horse heart. The fake blood used in the scene would later get Clarke stuck to a toilet seat after shooting. It's safe to say she skipped lunch that day...



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