Great Britain Exits EU

June 24, 2016 Eric Weiss 20213 Views
After months of debates and polls Great Britain voted on the referendum that would effectively cut their ties with the European Union. As of June 25, Great Britain is no longer apart of the EU. [...]

$50 Million Stolen In Virtual Currency Hack

June 18, 2016 Eric Weiss 6869 Views
This Friday (June 17), a new virtual currency project called Decentralized Autonomous Organization reported that it was “being attacked.” The new form of virtual currency, Ether, which runs on the Etherum network, is said to [...]

Muhammad Ali Passes Away at 74

June 3, 2016 Eric Weiss 6766 Views
The great Muhammad Ali passed away at the age of 74, late Friday. The legendary boxer had fought Parkinson’s disease for several years, along with other recent health complications. Ali was reportedly hospitalized in the [...]

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